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Freight transforming through technology

Greater efficiency helps customers save

Trailer tracking technology has been available for some time, although it’s still used by a relatively small percentage of trucking companies. Increasingly, however, technology is allowing carriers visibility into the cargo itself, which can lead to better efficiency in use of trailer space, faster unloading at the docks, and provide insight into detention and cargo claim issues.

Three companies showed off their latest developments into cargo visibility at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego this fall.

PowerFleet’s inside look

PowerFleet (formerly ID Systems), showcased its LV-710 freight camera, which combines a high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor, and cargo-area environmental sensors. It can be activated both by sensors and on demand and can be installed in swing or roll doors. It integrates with PowerFleet’s other LV cargo tracking devices.

This allows customers to get to the root cause for claims, including location and visual proof, and can provide information on the percentage of the box that’s loaded vs. empty.